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Ashoka Marbles - Factory
Ashoka Marbles was established way back in the year 1988 in Sukher, the largest industrial area of Udaipur, Rajasthan. We have been serving marble industry from past 22 years with our unique range of Marbles, Granites, Sandstones, Slatestones, Quartzites, Limestones, Artifacts. We have state of art facilities comprising of different types of Machines which helps us in increasing our production capacity.
Besides this, we are a pioneer in manufacturing BLUE MARMAROS MARBLE  from our own quarry which caters to the need of our esteemed customers spread across various parts of our country.
Ashoka Marbles is also a proud Member of CDOS i.e. Centre For Development Of Stones)
Roop Kumari Singhvi - Mines
RKS Mines is situated in the heart of Mountain Peaks. The company was incorporated in the year 1987.RKS Mines is well connected through the famous East-West Corridor Highway and comes under Sirohi District, Reodar.It is 180Kms from Udaipur and 50Kms from Abu Road. One can see panoramic view of Mount Abu hills from RKS Mines.
Mines has got state of art facilities which is the sole reason for one of the highest production of BLUE MARMAROS Marble in the region(popularly known as Selwara).Marble which is mined is figurative in nature i.e. its generally looks like design. BLUE MARMAROS Marble contains high percentage of Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 mineral which gives this marble high degree of polish. This marble is majorly used in cement industries, tiling industries etc.
Machinery Installed : - Excavators,Cranes,Wiresaws,Compressors,LD4 and other related Equipments
Annual Production : - 20,000 MT
Major care has been taken for workers right from their health to safety. Timely maintenance of machine ensures constant working. Strict mining norms are being followed at RKS Mines which ensures less pollution (separate dumping yard) and better safety and precautionary measures.
Three different types of qualities are available which is differentiated by the density of colour and designs. BLUE MARMAROS Marble is available in Blocks and Slabs. One of the key properties of this marble is that, after polishing this produces a glaze and becomes a super fine quality.
Ashoka Exports - Export Division 
A fully owned subsidiary of Ashoka Marbles (formerly known as A. A. Exports),was established in the year 1995 and since then, company has made tremendous contribution towards Indian exports by exporting Marbles, Granites, Sandstones, Slatestones, Quartzites, Limestones, Artifacts etc in various parts of the world. Besides this, company was actively involved in exporting minerals like Quartz & Feldspar off-lately alongwith Stone Mosaics. Company’s major exports is in the US, Far East Asian Countries, Gulf & European Countries.
Extreme care of quality has been taken while exporting. This is ensured with the help of our well equipped factory comprising of different machines which gives an additional advantage on cost and quality maintenance. Production and Stock is always been a key area in exports and that’s what was followed at Ashoka Exports.
Ashoka Exports aims at exploring business opportunities across the countries to promote trade and thereby creating healthy relations between the countries.


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